My "ratatouille" recipe

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My japanese friends asked me for my ratatouille recipe, so I translated it, had some help to correct the mistakes (thanks a lot MC) and I took some pictures:

Ingredients for 4:

2 zucchinis (courgettes), 2 eggplants (aubergines), 1 large onion, 1 red capsicum, tomato pulp (600 g), olive oil, salt peppper, herbes de provence (marjoram, oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil. (you can use the italian herbs from masterfoods brand).






Wash and cut the vegetables into small pieces. Put them in a pot with some olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs. Brown them until they are almost burnt. Stir regularly so that they all have the same color.

When the vegetables are brown and soft you can add the tomato pulp. Add 2 tea spoons of sugar (to reduce the acidity).

Reduce the heat, cover and cook for around 45 minutes or until the tomato sauce has reduced.

It can be eaten hot, warm or cold.

Tips : You can add some fried bacon or add this ratatouille to fresh pasta.

Bon appetit

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Bernadette 23/03/2006 17:06

Bravo!!  la ratatouille est appétissante. Félicitations au chef gros bisous  Bernadette